Horses 4 Heros

AWAMO works with horses 4 heroes Australia In 2014 ‘Riding for the Disabled’ approached AWAMO to assist returned servicemen and women suffering from PTSD. They were able to use funds donated by AWAMO to cover the cost for several ADF personnel to ride for 12 months as well as the cost to TAFE qualify two riding instructors to coach them.

AWAMO was able to secure a special riding saddle from the USA Veterans Affairs Dept used for amputee riders. The saddle will be used for Australian Veterans and Emergency Service workers. AWAMO found out that several police officers have lost a leg and were riders prior to their accidents. There are also around half a dozen Military veterans in QLD that have lost a leg during active service. This saddle has been donated Horses for Heroes project to assist them to learn to balance or to ride again. This is the first such saddle in Australia. Horses 4 Heroes also use horses in the PTSD environment.

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