AWAMO Job Descriptions



This is a title and award given solely by the President of AWAMO to people he believes can/ have contributed greatly to the ideals of AWAMO and who positively project AWAMOs image to the public.

An example is Dr Harry Cooper.

An Ambassador will be awarded a certificate inducting them into the Fewterer Gild of AWAMO and entitles them to wear an AWAMO Ambassadors badge.

Regional Coordinators

This position is awarded after AWAMO Directors have voted a candidate to this appointment. Any Director can nominate a person they deem suitable who has all the necessary qualifications and personal qualities deemed suitable for this position. All successful candidates will be notified in writing and receive appropriate documentation and materials from AWAMO to fulfill this role. Regional coordinators represent AWAMO any projects they wish to undertake must first be approved by the AWAMO Executive.

An example is Linda Scott WA

Linda’s role is to coordinate any war animal activates in her region. If any Ambassadors or project Managers are appointed by AWAMO in her region they are subordinate to her. Any shops or people wanting AWAMO support should liaise firstly with their Regional coordinator.

Project Managers

These positions can be temporary such as assigning a person to investigate the cost of building a trailer or permanent such as being the Grants Officer. In each case the AWAMO Executive will oversee the project.

Each project will be different so guidelines will be set between the project manager and the AWAMO Executive in each instance.

When a project is completed then the position is terminated. An individual may hold multiple projects at a time or just one.

Board of Consultants

The board of consultants are a group of experts that volunteer their time freely to assist AWAMO in matters of both animal and administration policy. They are experts in their field such as Veterinarians, RSL Presidents, Protocol Officers, OH&S, and Presidents of various animal associations.

An example is President of the RAAF Military Working Dog association Ray Thomas or Laurie Watts Director of the Australian Light Horse association.

In all four cases these positions do not have any voting responsibilities with AWAMO.

Executive Committee

Consists of the President –Secretary- Vice President – Treasurer and one other nominated Director.

As we are a volunteer organization with no full time employees we need the ability to receive and process information and materials within a quick turnaround. The EC allows  quick action and decisions to be made. At all other times including financial and routine matters all Directors must be consulted.

AWAMO Directors

There are currently five Directors; there is provision for three further positions (not filled) totaling eight positions. All Directors have full voting rights.

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