Visit to Sandhurst Military Academy – Nigel Allsopp




Nigel Allsopp with Lt Col DuBaree outside

Sandhurst Military Academy




On the 7 June 2018 I was privileged to conduct several talks as guest lecturer at Sandhurst Military
Academy, England. I initially thought it would be for the students but ended up lecturing the
Academic Staff- which was a real honour. I even managed to exchange information with a member
studying War pigeons which I have written a thesis on myself.

“Dear Nigel,
On behalf of my colleagues and the staff at our Headquarters in Sandhurst, I would like to
say a huge thank you for a wonderful and most stimulating lecture that you gave on ‘Animals
in War’ yesterday. Everyone who attended, some of those being academics in Military
History’ from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, have told me that they found your
presentation exhilarating. They even liked the humour and light hearted side that you brought
to such a vast and complex subject.
I hope that the rest of your trip to England and Pozieres will be as successful as you visit to
Sandhurst yesterday.
With my very best wishes.
A DuBaree
Lt Col
Regt Sec RAVC”

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