Frank Pangallo MLC – Gives Address Re Blue Cross Award

Text taken from Frank Pangallo’s Facebook Page:-

In Parliament yesterday I gave a speech about Australia’s bravest dog of war, Digger, a boxer cross who served king and country for 3½ years in one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War I.

I also saluted Australia’s greatest war horse, Bill the Bastard – so named because of his cantankerous nature.

Like Digger, he served with bravery and distinction in the Gallipoli campaign and then with the Light Horse in a famous victory against the Turks, the Battle of Romani.

They have just been honoured with a Blue Cross for their valour by the UK-based animal charity of the same name, founded in 1897.

It is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. The heroism of Digger and Bill the Bastard are of epic proportions.

Both were at Gallipoli at the same time. Digger went on to the Western Front, while Bill went on to gallop to glory in the Middle East.

You can view my speech below

You can also see more about Digger the Dog here –

And you can also see more about Bill the Bastard here –

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