AWAMO recently received an email from Cathie Halliwell (Mother of Shallimar Halliwell) with an attachment of a talk  that her daughter Shallimar did at her local ANZAC day service.

We were truly moved by such a wonderful speech and thank her for sharing. Please see below:

What ANZAC Day Means to me by Shallimar Halliwell Grade 6 Lumen Christi

“ANZAC Day is a time when Australians can all remember the sacrifice that all the people who have been in the armed services have made. It is a time when we can share family stories about our relatives that have served in the military.

On the holidays I went to the Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum in Bendigo. This is a place that teaches you about all of the conflicts that Australian soldiers have fought in. As a family we searched the War Memorial and honour boards for the names of my relatives.

The museum walk gave us a real example of what it was actually like for the soldiers. Displays showed the equipment they were given and the things that they created out of scraps to help them survive like making cutlery out of mortar shells. Seeing the artefacts makes it a lot more real than just reading a book. 

The thing that impacted me the most was seeing the poppies stand at the end of the walk. The sign that was in the display said “The Purple poppy is helping caring Australians show their appreciation for the service and sacrifice of animals in war. Throughout the ages these unsung heroes have served beside humans in the most dangerous situations without question or hesitation. The purple poppy uniquely recognizes these brave animals” I love animals and want to be a vet when I grow up. Today I am wearing a purple poppy with my red one.

When I showed my grandma the purple poppy and explained what it meant she told me that her father (my great grandfather) had the job during the war to go up into the high country catch brumbies and then break them in for the army to collect.  If it wasn’t for this ANZAC Day I would not have know this about my great grandfather. ANZAC Day lets us share stories that are sometimes otherwise forgotten or hidden in the past. ANZAC Day is really important so that the sacrifices that have been made in the past are honoured and not forgotten. Lest We Forget.”

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