Two new AWAMO stickers we are supplying shops and residences.
The first sticker pictured below lets Emergency Services know if you have pets in your residence. The recent Bush Fires has shown a imminent need -as you may know my own village lost 15 houses and many domestic animals and Native animals had to be evacuated.

We are hoping to have my village the first town in Australia to be 100% service dog friendly- with all 20 shops agreeing to display sticker and welcome service animals into their shops.

Nigel Allsopp – AWAMO President



An update from AWAMO President, Nigel Allsopp on the AWAMO NZ Activities:

Dear friends to keep you updated in NZ News-

I have sent two 8 x poster sets to schools next to military bases for children on the history of NZ War animals. Along with 25 books to other schools. PDF version available to all NZ Schools.

I have also sponsored two NZ Veteran war dogs- now retired from Defence. We have donated leads, rugs, coats,collars medication and food along with a $500 donation for future Vet bills.

We have also donated funds to train a dog for a veteran to Kotuku Foundation Assistance Animals Aotearoa

We are also very happy to inform you that Blind Foundation

Te Tūāpapa o Te Hunga Kāpō has been sponsored money to produce a total of 5 books relating to NZ War animals on Audio. Mark maybe RSA Veterans maybe interested.

We have supplied a replica of Ceasar the WWI dog to the National Army Museum and sponsored its upkeep. Finally

we have provided the Naval Museum with a plaque honouring all naval mascots of the past.



Nigel Allsopp

President AWAMO


Dear Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation Inc.,

I recently shared the story of Khris, who after being medically discharged, struggled for many years before finding support and rehabilitation at Mates4Mates.

We’re proud to announce that our supporters donated over $46,000 to our cause, which will directly fund services for more veterans with service-related injuries, and their families.

We’re honoured that Khris, his wife Emma and two children, Jethro and Charlotte, generously shared their story of injury, pain and hope with you.

Donations helped Khris and Emma when they needed it most – and it is only with incredible support like this that we can continue to help many more families seeking support.


The Visitor Services and Education teams at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra have put together some initiatives  on 24 February to mark the Animals in War Day:

1.       Guided family tours through the galleries at 10.30am and 11.30am will explore the role of animals during wartime.  A basic children’s trail map around the grounds prepared by the Education team including animal themed sculptures and info for visitors will be provided following the tour

2.       All Voluntary Guide general tours will include an awareness message at the beginning of the tour and any animals along their scheduled route

3.       We will run a social media program highlighting stories of Animals in War

4.       We will have a display instore with all the Animals in War products including plush toys, publications and the purple poppy merchandise range. This will be setup from Friday 22nd February

5.       We will offer a promotion of a free purple poppy silk pin with any “animals in war” publication

6.       Acknowledgement of the day will be included in the preamble to the Last Post Ceremony

7.       All staff and volunteers will wear purple poppies on the day to raise awareness





In 2017 AWAMO created the first overseas Australian memorial to animals at war at Pozières, France.   As part of the memorial event, a troop horse paraded wearing a blanket made of purple poppies to symbolise the sacrifice of animals at war.    Many people from around Australia knitted or crocheted the poppies for the blanket.  The Cathay Community Association in Queensland was one group who made poppies.  In last year’s Annual Report of the Association, they included this article on the AWAMO purple poppy blanket.

The Armistice Centenary – 62,000 Hand Crafted Red Poppies

Please click on the below link to see a video created by the Military Shop to help promote the display of 62,000 handcrafted red poppies on the Memorial Grounds and the centrepiece of commemorations, symbolically representing Australian lives lost in the First World War. This video reached over 180,000 people with around 100,000 views, over 5,000 likes, 208 comments and 2,284 shares!