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Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation Inc.

The Last Bullet – A story by 11 yo Ethan Tatti

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The following is a story written by 11yo Ethan Tatti.  It is fictional, and tells a great yarn about one ANZAC’s act of bravery. PDFs:  Last Bullet Page 1                                    Last Bullet Page 2...

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Australian War Animal Memorials

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Honouring the service of war animals through memorials. Australian War Animal Memorials (AWAMO) is a not for profit organisation that raises funds to erect memorials in Australia that commemorate the service and bravery of animals in the military.

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War Animals

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War animals are honoured for their true valour in military operations during booth times of war, and times of peace.

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Help us grow our war animals memorial fund

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AWAMO is growing a war animals memorial fund to establish a national Australian memorial. There are many ways you can assist us.

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